Up to date news on the happenings in Eddystone, PA. For such a small town, there's always BIG drama...inside and outside Borough Council Chambers.

A Look at Eddystone's Borough Council Candidates

Sorry this is a day late, folks.  Surprisingly, we only heard from 2 of the candidates running for Borough Council and tried to give Mr. Begley and Ms. Thompson an extra day or so to submit a bio for some free publicity.  According to the stat analysis, our blog is a success community-wide with almost 300 unique visits over the last 6 weeks...varying from hits from the Delcotimes.com, Facebook, Twitter and Google searches.  I hear the buzz around town about E-Rock's Beat (good and bad) so I feel certain the word has gotten out.  I would like to thank Mr. Stone and Mr. Paterson for submitting their bios and would like to continue to extend the invitation to the other 2 candidates.  Please email erocksbeat@yahoo.com  If you would like to read more about all 4 candidates, please see the Daily Times article that appeared on the Oct 13, 2011. http://www.delcotimes.com/articles/2011/10/13/news/doc4e97aa2e6f96b125928105.txt

Matthew Stone- Democrat
First of all, I’d like to thank Mary for this opportunity to communicate my platform.
If you haven’t me yet, my name is Matthew Stone, and I am running for Eddystone Borough Council on the Democratic ticket.  A homeowner on Saville avenue, I am honored to be a part of the Eddystone community and to participate in this campaign.  As far as my credentials are concerned, I’m currently employed as a project manager in Philadelphia, earned my Eagle Scout, and hold a bachelor’s degree from Lebanon Valley College. 
I initially became involved in Eddystone politics due to the recent Camden Iron and Metal debates.  During which, the need for our borough to encourage local industry that will create jobs and tax revenue for the borough while discouraging plans that are harmful to the health and quality of life of our residents really hit home.   This is why I became involved.  My wife, Carolyn, and I look forward to starting our family in Eddystone, and are expecting our first daughter in January.  Like you, we care about this town.   
As of the Spring 2011 primary election, roughly 20% of registered voters in Eddystone were registered with the Democratic party.  Currently, there is no Democratic party representation on our Borough Council.  While my candidacy is only a tiny step towards achieving a borough government that more accurately represents the political makeup of our town, it is hopefully a step towards more respect for different opinions in our local government.  Friedrich Nietzshe once wrote, “The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.”  None of us will agree with each other 100% of the time.  However, I believe that as residents, your concerns should be respected, heard, and made a part of the decision-making process in our town.  If elected, I will provide a fresh voice in our local government, and I will listen to your concerns so that I can more adequately represent you.    
As a candidate for Eddystone Borough Council, I, Matthew Stone, strive to:
  • Be a great neighbor
  • Uphold the highest of industry standards to ensure a safe, clean, and healthy environment in Eddystone
  • Partner with neighboring communities to efficiently sustain community growth
  • Further foster relationships with local businesses and industry to create scholarship opportunities and community revitalization
  • Expand the available activities for the youth of the community, including sports, music, and arts
  • Create regularly scheduled programs for our senior residents
  • Embrace Eddystone residents’ concerns, and actively involve them in the decisions that affect their daily lives
  • Take steps to attract new families to Eddystone, and increase home ownership in our town
Thank you for your consideration.  Please remember to vote on November 8th.

Dave Paterson, Jr.- Republican

Eddystone has always been home to me, even when I did not live here.  My best friend’s family lived on 10th Street and I practically lived with them on weekends when I was growing up.  I knew that one day, I would raise my family here.  Five years ago, my wife and I bought a house on Saville Avenue and I have dedicated my life to building it into a home for her and my sons.
                I have always believed in the philosophy “you get what you give”.  Since moving to Eddystone, I have served on the Recreation Board and the Zoning Board.  I continue to coach basketball and I am an active member of St. Rose of Lima Church.  I respect my neighborhood and the people within it.  Making sure that we live in a safe and peaceful environment is extremely important to me.
                Several events that have occurred over the last couple of years became a catalyst for me to seek a seat on our Borough Council.  My eyes were opened to a side of our local government that frustrated me to the point where I felt much needed change was long overdue.
                I am tired of seeing our community become the dumping ground for “projects” that the rest of Delaware County does not want in their backyards.  If elected, my focus would be to market Eddystone into a progressing place to live and raise a family. We already have a good base by being close to public transportation and being in an excellent school district.  Too many “for sale” signs are going up.  We not only need people to buy houses, but we need to give them a reason for wanting to live here. 
                What is needed now is a council that can “think outside the box” and actually listen to the residents’ ideas on how to improve our borough.  Our future depends on a council that is capable of working for the residents.  I want to be Eddystone’s voice on that council.