Up to date news on the happenings in Eddystone, PA. For such a small town, there's always BIG drama...inside and outside Borough Council Chambers.

Some Points to Ponder

1.       Eddystone Borough Council approved the OK to apply for a $3M loan for the firehouse.  Depending on the interest rate at the time of closing, Eddystone residents will need to pay back anywhere between $6M and $15M over the course of the loan.  In January’s council meeting, Charles Catania (the borough’s engineer) said that he is hoping the bids come in under $2M.  $3 million is a big jump from $2 million.  Is council counting on Camden Iron to offset this financial burden to the residents?  If so, did they take into consideration that not all of CIM’s permits have been granted yet?  Isn’t this putting the “cart in front of the horse”?
2.       At the last council meeting, a resident from Ashland Ave asked about the status of the sewer back up.  Mr. Catania asked, “What sewer back up?”.  The resident said “The sewer back up from the hurricane and the storm before it back in August.” Catania asked if it was from 8th Street and the resident said that Ashland Avenue was also affected.  Borough Manager, Francine Howat then chimed in that Mr. Catania was “looking into it” and they quickly moved to the next subject.  How does someone “look into” something when they have no idea what that “something” is?
3.       At the same council meeting, the same resident informed council that his car was broken into and asked if there had been a “rash of break-ins”.  Council was quiet.  Mayor Ralph Orr then asked the resident if he filed a report.  The resident stated that he called the police 3 days prior, but no one had returned his call.  The mayor said he’ll “look into it”.  Sound familiar?  I hope the trail isn’t cold after 3 days.