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Grant increases policing, community outreach starts: looks like leaders acting like leaders

Our neighbors in Chester applied for, and received, a federal grant of $625,000 to hire 5 new police officers for their city.  The city already hired 3 new police officers this year.  Congratulations go out to Mayor John Linder and the Chester City Council for identifying a great need within their city and taking the initiative to try to address it.

Surely, more than 5 police officers will be needed to solve the crime issues in Chester.  To that end, Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan and Chester City officials are reaching out to community and church leaders to help solve crimes in the community.

Now, I am not naïve enough to believe these people will be campaigning for each other come election time, given their partisan differences.  But, isn’t it nice to see leaders acting like leaders?  They are putting their political differences aside and taking proactive actions to try and help their community grow.  Mayor Linder and the Chester leaders are primarily responsible for their city, so they are seeking out, applying for, and in this case receiving federal grants to pay for things to improve their city.  Jack Whalen, through his elected position of Delaware County District Attorney, is also trying to do his part and offer assistance where he can do so.
In Chester, crime is an issue.  Democrats and Republicans are working together, applying for grants, receiving federal money to increase programs, increasing policing in their community, and trying to raise awareness so that violent offenders are taken off the street permanently. 

Being a leader is more than introducing yourself with a title.  Being a leader means acting like one and doing what is best for your constituents, regardless of your personal or political agendas.  Great job to Mayor Linder, Chester City Council, and Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whalen for putting the needs of the people of Chester ahead of party politics.