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Imitation is Not Always the Sincerest Form of Flattery

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, however I don't agree with that saying when the imposter posts nothing but hateful gossip. There is a FaceBook page that was created yesterday called E-Rock's Beat. However, the original E-Rock's Beat page was created almost 2 years ago (one can plainly see this on the timelines). The original FaceBook page was never made public for the same reason we use Pen Names here at E-Rock's Beat and we do not have the blog open for comments. If any of you ever read the comments on DelcoTimes.com, whenever Eddystone is mentioned, the commenters RIP each other apart. The staff at The Daily Times have to work double time to keep up with removing the flagged comments.
Our page was not made public until yesterday when our email filled up with comments about an imposter page. We receive several emails a week. Most are gossip about the endorsed candidates. We have NEVER posted the gossip nor do we intend to. Here at Erock's Beat, we stick to what is happening within the borough of Eddystone and how it pertains to its residents. The imposter page, however, has chosen to post gossip about the reformed candidates, not taking into consideration that before these people are CANDIDATES, they are MOMS and DADS and our NEIGHBORS. Posting or writing anything other than Borough politics, events, etc and how the people of Eddystone are affected is nothing short of being irresponsible...not to mention just downright nasty.
We here at Erock's Beat will continue to report what happens at Council meetings, events, etc. in a responsible manner, however we feel it necessary to address the bullying. If you are against hate speech, bullying, and gossip, I would suggest not "liking" the imposter E-Rock's Beat FaceBook page. You can see the content without "liking" it. It would seem that those who "like" this page only condone this type of behavior. I sincerely hope that anyone who "likes" this page does not work with children in any shape or form, whether at a school, rec center, church, etc.
And as a side note/warning to the imposter....print screens have been saved and you have been reported for violating several FaceBook policies and a civil rights attorney has been contacted. We do not take bullying lightly.