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Meet the Candidates

This is the webpage for some of the Republican Party candidates in the upcoming primary election.  I did enjoy reading the "Meet Us" page, as it gave me an idea of the character and experience of the people on this ticket.

I tried to find the webpage for the other candidates but could not find one.  If they have one, and would like the link posted, feel free to email it to:  erocksbeat@yahoo.com

I noticed talk of a debate.  What a great idea, as long as it can be on issues.  We would suggest having a moderator, one selected from each team, who will ensure that the questioning is fair.  We would also suggest allowing the audience to be permitted to write questions to submit to the moderators for review.  If each team appoints a moderator, and those two agree to appropriate standards with the candidates, this can be something that really benefits the voters.

Topics we hope to hear about:  Economy, Home Values, increasing residency, future growth, and safety.