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Continuance in Kerns' Court Case Robs Voters of Information

We have stayed away from Councilman Kerns’ legal troubles for more than 3 months, giving the young man an opportunity to go before a judge, explain his alleged involvement in a fight at a bar, how he allegedly handled himself in the minutes afterward when police arrived, and to allow the facts of the case to be heard in court. If you read his websites, he has had plenty of time to write about other people and the choices they have made. Yet, there is no mention of his alleged actions.   Kerns talks about how leaders need to be held accountable. Kerns talks about how leaders need to be transparent. Given his call to hold our leaders accountable and for there to be transparency, why has he not explained his alleged fight that occurred months ago?
If you cannot read this document, or open the link, it is the Court Summary sheet from Councilman Kerns' court appearance on April 30, 2013 (that was last week). It lists a summary offense for disorderly conduct-involved with fighting.
It is massively concerning that this case has been continued, not once, but twice, which ensures that a verdict will not be rendered until after the primary election.  We are concerned that the continuances are because this incident has the potential to be extraordinarily embarrassing for not only Kerns but also the people endorsing him.  There is also the possibility that there is more to this story than just a disorderly charge. A summary offense is not something that is going to absolutely sway votes one way or the other. However, if the Councilman possibly approached the police officer in “Reese Witherspoon like” fashion...that’s a whole different can of worms….we have no idea if Kerns tried to abuse his position or not because the case keeps getting continued.
Maybe Kerns can put out a statement on his campaign page?