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Pumpkins, Ninjas and Candy! O My!

Anyone else run out of Halloween candy last night? I’m pretty sure we must have given out more than 200 pieces of candy and we were tapped out by 7pm! (I knew I should have grabbed more on my way home from work…lesson learned). But on the bright side, Halloween candy will be 50% off starting today so maybe I can get a head start on next year. ;)

The kids really went all out on their costumes this year. We saw several very unique costumes (the Creeper, the lady dressed up as Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, and the Lighthouse were my personal faves). And of course, the classics…pretty princesses, Scream, a couple of Marios, several ninjas and various super heroes.

When my husband and kids came home, we went through the ritual of inspecting the candy. My kids are not big peanut butter fans so the Mary Janes, Reese Cups, and those orange and black taffies went into the “Mom and Dad” pile. We did not complain ;)

Overall, I think it was a successful night. A little disappointed that we didn’t see the bike patrol; especially since it was approved by council, however I did see a few officers on foot and helping the crossing guard at 9th and Saville so that was nice. A BIG thank you to our police force! The main objective was to keep the kids safe while they were trick or treating and I think we, as a community, get an A+ for that.