Up to date news on the happenings in Eddystone, PA. For such a small town, there's always BIG drama...inside and outside Borough Council Chambers.

Good, and not so good, things in Eddystone

Thanks to the 500 or so people who are following us.  We apologize for the delay in writing, but it has been a very busy month.  With this entry, Erock’s Beat has its own version of ‘Darts and Laurels.’  Here are some of the things we have noticed over the past month: 

Thumbs up:  To the ground breaking for a new firehouse-as many have said, we are 25 years overdue for a firehouse.  Let’s hope we can pay for it.

Thumbs down:  To the fact that the new firehouse had to be built on one of the few open spaces where children can play.

Thumbs up:  To no tax increase in the preliminary 2012 budget.  Two years in a row and no local tax increase. 

Thumbs down:  To the budgeting process in the Borough.  First, there is little opportunity for people to speak with their representatives in an actual meeting.  Second, our 2011 budget absorbed hundreds of thousands in lost projected revenue yet still stayed afloat.  Why does the Borough so grossly overestimate its spending?

Thumbs up:  To ER4PC.  I guess Camden Iron’s tax revenue was not needed if we have gone two years without any of their money, without any tax increase, and without any loss in services.

Thumbs down:  To the closed-minded thinking of some ‘leaders’ in the Borough who too still think that judging people by race or using derogatory language is acceptable.  Here’s a hint for you:  the 60s called and said this type of behavior is uncalled for.

Thumbs up:  To basketball starting at Lighthouse Hall.  The kids love it.

Thumbs down:  To some of the parents that either don’t show up at all or who show up and cause a problem during the youth games.  It’s okay for everyone to cheer for his or her child’s team without being disrespectful.

Thumbs up:  To the volunteers at Lighthouse Hall, especially the ones who do not have a child participating in any of the games.  Without the volunteers, there would be nothing for the kids to do.

Thumbs down:  To the lack of volunteers helping run activities for kids.  It would be great for the kids to have something other than basketball.  It would also be great if the leaders would welcome in all volunteers and not just a select group of cronies.

Thumbs up:  To the idea of holding yoga classes at Lighthouse Hall.  It was suggested nearly 2 months ago.  Maybe the Councilman in charge of recreation will take the time to bring it up in a Council Meeting.  His platform was to expand recreation, wasn’t it?

Thumbs down:  To the lack of things to do for children once they hit the teenager years.

Thumbs up:  To Shoprite.  They continue to donate money to the Borough for our younger children.  A great corporate neighbor.

Thumbs down:  To Walmart-how is it that they account for almost 25% of our police work, yet they do not pay for an officer?  It is funny how billion dollar corporations make all the promises in the world before they come into a community but forget what it means to be a ‘good neighbor’ once they are here.

Thumbs up:  To the Eddystone Maintenance Department-getting the leaves up in the Borough is no small task.  Job well done, men!

Thumbs down:  To the Code enforcemen:  if your lawn is too high, expect a fine.  What about the house on 9th Street across from Scarianno’s?  It has been burnt out for almost 3 years.

Thumbs up:  To Mr. Orio and Mr. Call, who suggested that offering a variance for rental property owners to turn houses into duplexes is a step backwards and that street parking comes at a premium.

Thumbs down:  To zoning variances allowing rental properties to become duplexes-it moves away from the ‘owner occupy’ direction the town needs to go into if our property values are going to increase.  It also crowds already overcrowded streets with more cars.

Thumbs up:  To Exelon-every year, the company donates coats to the children of our Borough without taking any public credit for their act.

Thumbs down:  To the Eddystone GOP-Dave Paterson should have been included in all of the Party’s events, literature, etc. during the election and his name should not have been crossed off of the Republican ticket.  This simpleton thinking will not help the Borough grow. 

Thumbs up:  To the upcoming Christmas luncheon for senior citizens in the month of December.  Wouldn’t it be nice to hold monthly activities for our senior citizens?

Thumbs down:  There are too many homeless children living within the Borough.  Our leaders need to do more to help families who are struggling.

Thumbs up:  To the toy give away and Jolly Ol’ St Nick riding around on the fire truck beforehand.  Thanks to the VFW and American Legion for their efforts and the Recreation Board and its volunteers for manning the event.

Thumbs down:  To the wasteful spending on the beautification project.  It was a great idea, however it lacked sustainability.  Was there no other low maintenance and cost project that could improve the Borough landscape?

Thumbs up:  To the new sidewalks by RE Steel.  It is nice to see legitimate corporate neighbors taking care of our Borough.

Thumbs up: To one more year without CIM.  Call this one an addition by subtraction for the Borough.

Thumbs down:  To the fact that too many renters are being thrown out because of OOC issues.  Good people living in the Borough is far better than vacant or abandoned homes.

Thumbs up:  To the steady crowd at council meetings.  Even if they are quiet, people are showing an interest in their Borough.  Well done.

Thumbs down:  To rising crime in the Borough.  Drug use is evident (baggies and needles being found on sidewalks and in alleys) and there was a rise in theft from vehicles.  Better communication needs to come from the Police to the residents when things like this are occurring.

Thumbs up:  To the three Townwatch men that walk around on most every night.  These three men have single-handedly made this program work.

Thumbs up:  Did I mention Camden Iron is not here yet?  It is a good thing that ‘a done deal’ does not mean what it used to mean.  We obviously did not need the revenue, and now maybe the Borough leaders will look for someone that will actually create jobs for our residents without bringing the potential harm to our community.  Our house values need help being increased, not decreased.