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Trash Wars...Let The Games Begin

True or false? Chester Pike runs through Eddystone.  False.  It actually runs along the north-western border of our borough, dividing Eddystone and Ridley Township.  SEPTA Bus #114 has stops on either side of Chester Pike.  One on the Eddystone side in front of the McDonald's at Eddystone Crossing and one on the Ridley Township side in front of the new medical building at 1553 Chester Pike.  On several occasions, I have driven by and noticed trash and shopping carts at one or both locations.  Surprisingly, there aren't any trash recepticles on either side, so the people waiting for the bus throw their trash right on the ground, leaving it to blow around and eventually find it's way into our neighborhood and yards.  So who is responsible for cleaning it up?  SEPTA?  If so, they are only picking up one side or the other...completing only half of the job.  Or are the properties that host the bus stop responsible? 
I decided to start keeping score...beginning today.  The first photo is from the Eddystone side.  The second photo is from the Ridley Twp side.  Eddystone is the clear winner.  Score: Eddystone 1- Ridley Twp 0.  
Stay tuned for the next round.

Septa Bus #114 stop in Eddystone on Chester Pike in front of McDonald's on 11/12/11.

Septa Bus #114 stop in Ridely Twp at 1553 Chester Pike in front of the new Medical Bldg.