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Ruffled Feathers (or Fur)

Wow! It seems that the last post really stirred the pot. Well good. It means that people are interested and talking about what is going on in town. An article appeared in the Daily Times regarding Mr. Paterson's proposal for a low cost micro-chip clinic for the residents' pets. It would seem that one of the commenters was confused. Mr. Paterson is also promoting licensing by the county. He brought this up in the last council meeting. If one resident is confused, there may be others so I thought I would bring some things to light.

1. If the borough hosts the clinic it would be no different than when the borough hosts the annual "Take Back" drug event when residents can drop off expired or unused prescription drugs.

2. In the last council meeting, Borough Manager Francine Howat stated that the scanner purchase and use is a "phase 2" consideration. In other words...something to look at down the road.

3. Speaking of scanners, they are now universal because of incidents in the past (nationwide) where animals were accidentally destroyed because a chip could not be read. http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/resources/tips/microchips.html

4. The proposal for a micro-chip clinic is just that...A. Micro-chip. Clinic. The borough officials are NOT going to force residents to get their pets micro-chipped. This would be an event that is offered to residents to take part in at their discretion.

All of the points I've made were mentioned in the last council meeting that took place on Monday, January 9, 2012. The rumors that have been circulating were obviously started by people who do not attend these meetings. If you would like to be more informed about what happens in our borough, please go to a workshop meeting or a council meeting. Workshop meetings are held on the first Monday of every month and Council meetings are held on the second Monday of every month. Both begin at 7pm at Borough Hall. There is a chance for the residents to ask questions or make comments at the beginning of each meeting. Council President John Pappas is very good at making sure the residents have a chance to speak even if no one signs the board.
Hope to see more of you there.