Up to date news on the happenings in Eddystone, PA. For such a small town, there's always BIG drama...inside and outside Borough Council Chambers.

Will the real positive changer please stand UP!

A new year and a new President

Council elected John Pappas to the position of President and Karen Reeves to Vice President.  Borough Manager Francie Howat will continue to serve as Secretary/Treasurer, which adds a nice chunk of money to her Borough Manager salary.  Pappas ran his first meeting on Monday, keeping a good flow to the procedures.  He asserted himself without being arrogant and generally did a commendable job of facilitating the meeting.  There were differences of opinion on several issues amongst leaders throughout the meeting and Pappas facilitated those differences smoothly.  When questioned by Mayor Orr as to why park improvements should be made to the Nancy Scott Cowan Park, Pappas clearly made his point as to why he believed it was the correct decision.  Let’s hope he continues to lead in this respectful manner, even if this Council is challenged publicly like the previous one.

Positive Change Meter

In the November elections, all three newly elected Council members promoted themselves as the candidates for ‘positive change’ in Eddystone.  Monday’s Council meeting was the first opportunity for these candidates to promote their positive change agendas.  Here is an update of what was presented:

Kevin Begley:  Nothing to report; nothing proposed

Danielle Thompson:  Nothing to report; nothing proposed

Dave Paterson:  Proposed an SPCA sponsored microchip program to be held in the Borough, where residents could receive reduced, or even free chips for their pets.  Mr. Paterson’s idea was an attempt to protect taxpayer’s money; the cost to the Borough for handling unidentified animals will be $366 per animal.  By offering this service, the Borough could be able to identify stray animals and return them to their owners, thus eliminating the need to pay the Chester County SPCA the per animal fee.  The rest of Council did not appear to like the idea.  President Pappas stated that it was a good idea but there were some issues that needed to be worked out.  Mayor Orr questioned the idea of educating police officers.  Councilwoman Tatascoire stated, “My dog already has a chip.”  Councilwoman Thompson asked about liability issues, and Councilman Begley questioned who would have to approach ‘big dogs’ running through town.

I wonder who currently approaches the ‘big dogs’ in town if they get loose, whether they are chipped or not.

Positive Change Scoreboard:  Begley:  0    Thompson:  0     Paterson:  1

Question of the Day:  Who is Debbie Sexton?

Budget Update

As of December 31, 2011, the Borough carried just over $123,000 in excess money in its general fund.  This is after they spent $58,000 to buy a new facilities truck.  The excess does not account for the more than $500,000 in Camden Iron permit fees that were supposed to come into the Borough last year.  Had that money come into the Borough, we would have had more than $600,000 in excess revenue, which would have represented an almost 20% excess in budgeting.  Broken down by registered voter, this would mean each resident was overcharged about $428.37.  What could you do with an extra $400 in your pocket?

Answer to today's question:  Debbie Sexton is the person on Council that is in charge of Building and Parks and Public Works, according to Eddystone Borough's website.  Actually, Debbie Sexton resigned from Council more than 4 years ago, was replaced by Dennis Call, who served on Council for a few years, and has now been replaced by Dave Paterson.  Maybe the Borough can update their website?