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ER4PC Island: Welcome, Ms. Thompson!

Who would have thought that Danielle Thompson and ER4PC have so much in common?   In both cases, there was something that needed to be done to improve life for Borough residents and only a few people willing to stand up and say it out loud.  And in both cases, the brutal personal attacks start spewing from ‘the establishment.’

This time, Danielle Thompson is wearing the target on her back.  Thompson, who two months ago suggested the Borough Manager/Treasurer salary offered in Eddystone exceeds that of surrounding communities, is now having her qualifications called into question by some of the same people that stumped for her last May and November.

Thompson simply said that we are overpaying for services and should consider reviewing our salary schedule.  Of course, none of the other leaders who endorsed her or ran with her have stood up and had her back since she suggested that saving tax payers’ money might be a good idea.  This is despite the fact that we all know she is not the only one who wanted to see the Borough Manager salary reduced.  Just like with ER4PC, there were members of Council who agreed with the research presented, but for some strange reason, no one else was willing to stand with the ideas presented.

Now, Thompson is standing on an island because she has this crazy idea that the Borough Manager should have to put in a full day’s work in order to be paid a full-time salary and that the salary should be comparable to other municipalities.  The good news for Ms. Thompson is that she will find others on the island, too.  ER4PC is also standing on that island called logic and common sense, protecting Borough resources, and thinking its okay to insist that people do the job they are elected or appointed into. 

Our advice to her:  Stand your ground and do what is right for the Borough.  If you are trying to get the Borough Manager salary and work expectations in line with other municipalities, regardless of who is in the position, good for you.  Keep going, even if the others leaders will not stand with you.  Their silence continues to speak volumes about their inability to make difficult decisions.

ER4PC fought to ensure that fewer kids dealt with hardships of asthma and that fewer seniors dealt with the horrors of cancer.  Thompson is fighting for prudent spending of tax dollars.  Reduced asthma.  Reduced cancer.  Reduced wasteful spending.

Do any of these things sound like a personal attack, which is exactly what ER4PC and Thompson are accused of doing?

The life long residents of Eddystone keep leaving to raise their families elsewhere.  Unless the ideas of new residents like Thompson and many of the members of ER4PC begin to be heard and evaluated on their merit, the town will remain in a stagnant holding pattern that repels future growth and success.  New residents are not ‘outsiders.’  They can want change and also love the Borough.   Sometimes, they even have a smart idea or two.