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The 'language' of liberty and other thoughts for the month of March

Great work by our police and fire companies

Thanks to the selfless work of both our police and fire departments, no one was seriously injured in the fire on Saville Avenue.  Police responded immediately and assisted with evacuating the building while our fire department got on scene and contained the fire to the twin houses.  Although neighbors on both sides did have some smoke or water damage, their properties did not catch on fire.

8 people are without a home right now

Maybe the WIN Committee can help get the family get back on their feet.

Hide and Seek

Last month, the Borough Manager/Treasurer salary became a hot topic of debate.  I fully expected to hear about Council’s decision on this issue at Monday’s meeting.  Since nothing was announced, I can only assume that no decision has been made.  An earlier post on the blog suggested that changing the pay for these positions is not as simple as it looks.  Unfortunately, the problem looks to be getting more complex.  The Borough Manager/Treasurer is not at work.  I hope it is just a bad coincidence that her leave/vacation/’whatever it is’ happened right around the time her salary was questioned. 

The Language of Liberty

Is the libertarian fight for liberty at odds with the English language?  I have heard Ron Paul denounce wars, denounce taxes, denounce the Federal Reserve, and denounce just about everything that most Americans come to expect in America.  I have yet to hear him denounce English as the language of choice when we speak or write.  Politicians are always criticized for speaking out of both sides of their mouth.  I may not like what they say.  I may not agree with what they say.  I may flat out think they are idiots.

But at least I can understand them.

Call me crazy, but I just think someone running for public office should either possess a basic understanding of how to write using the English language or have the common sense to find a proofreader who does have a basic understanding of how to write using the English Language.

On a libertarian/GOP candidate’s ‘for office’ page, it reads, “….the Federal Reserve that counterfeits are money.”

I think it should say something like, “Libertarians ARE fighting the Federal Reserve because they counterfeit OUR money.” 

This suggestion is free of charge, as is using the spelling and grammar check on any word processor.  If you want to be taken seriously, then you may want to sound like a serious candidate.  Otherwise, a lot of people get a chuckle and an entire movement gets ignored.

Question on my mind:  If landlords are not required to pay their fair share in permit fees, then why should homeowners be required to obtain permits?  Finding the right person to suck up to should not determine the fee one pays to the Borough, should it?  Can’t I just make the work on my own house a ‘gift’ to myself and eliminate, or at least minimize, the cost of a permit?  If landlords can do it, then I should be able to do it.

Hide and Seek:  Round 2

Councilwoman Tatisciore missed another meeting.  Come on.  Seriously?  To consistently miss meetings is disrespectful to the people who elected you into office.  It is okay to say, “I just don’t have time to commit to the job.”  Just resign and let someone who wants to represent the residents, and is willing to actually do the work that comes along with the position, have the opportunity to do so.  If she is not even showing up to the monthly meetings, how much work is she doing on the other days of the month?

Positive Change Meter

Dave Paterson gets a point for politely speaking to a landlord who questioned the inspection process.  Danielle Thompson appears to be in a holding pattern with her desire to get the Treasurer pay in line with other municipalities; she gets a point for holding her ground on the pay issue, as evidenced by the fact that no pay scale has been approved for 2012.


For the fourth consecutive month since elections, there was nothing new from Kevin Begley.  Maybe he will expand on those campaign promises of increased recreational activities and bringing jobs to the Borough next month.

Paterson:  4

Thompson:  3

Begley:  0

Food for Thought

Eddystone will never position itself for future growth when complacent leaders sit on Council, hold appointed positions, or are hired to serve our community.  There is not much difference between missing the meetings, showing up to the meetings but contributing nothing, and fulfilling the absolute bare minimum work requirements of a position.

If we want our home values to improve, our community’s image from an outside perspective is going to need to improve.  Three dozen empty houses do not help improve the housing market, nor does it help our revenue base.  Lifelong residents continue to move out and are not being replaced with anyone.  People with diverse needs could find what they need in Eddystone.  Why won’t the give the town a chance?