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By the numbers: take 2

Phil Heron wrote some ‘by the numbers’ describing his thoughts on Camden Iron’s decision to leave Eddystone.  Here are a few numbers he did not mention.

0-jobs created had Eddystone accepted the scrap yard.  The union jobs were moved from one plant to another.  As a result, no new jobs would have been created.

35%-the asthma rate in Eddystone, Chester, Crum Lynne, and Ridley Park, as compared to 24.3% for all of Delaware County

37.3%-the chronic health condition rate in adults in Eddystone, Chester, Crum Lynne, and Ridley Park, as opposed to 25.6% in Delaware County

9.24-the TONS of particulate emissions that would have been allowed by CIM, according to their DEP permits; particulate emissions often contain asthma triggers and cancer causing chemicals.

9000-the horse power of CIM’s proposed shredder, the largest car shredder in the world.

1.5-the number of miles away that residents felt vibrations from an 8000 HP shredder in Elkhart, IN

4+-the number of years Eddystone has gone without a tax increase or a decrease in services.  I guess we did not needed the tax dollars, did we?

10-approximate percent raise of the Borough Manager/Treasurer in those same years.

247.5 million- In 2002, the amount of dollars Exelon successfully appealed to reduce its tax bill to Eddystone and Ridley School District.  Its tax bill decreased from $300 million to $52.5 million.  Had CIM come, how long do you think it would have taken them before they appealed to have their tax assessment reduced?

2-the number of tax assessments reduced by Ridley School District, just in March 2012, according to their website

12+-the number of years it took CIM to move, ending up in a Camden, a city that once wanted them to leave

4-the number of communities or activist groups who fought to keep them out of their towns over the course of the last decade

0-the number of Eddystone Council members who voted against the scrap yard

7-the number of Eddystone Council members who signed a letter in 2010 to the PPRA stating their concern with the project; this letter played a role in the loss of the 31 million dollar grant

31 million-the amount of state tax dollars saved by scrapping this project

150-the measurement in feet to the nearest playground from the entrance of the facility where more than 500 diesel emitting trucks would drive by each and every day

3rd-the percentile of Eddystone School’s air quality, ranking it worse than 120,000 other schools

80%-the number of Delaware County’s worst polluters located along the Industrial Highway

17-the number of months it took CIM to get DEP permits in PA as a result of Eddystone’s question of their best available technology.

4-the number of months it took CIM to get DEP permits in NJ

1-the united community that stood up, fought city hall, and won