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Pileggi and Kirkland: Promoting positive growth and trying to help Eddystone thrive

With less than a week to go before Tuesday’s primary election, our community has two decisions affecting our state government.  We learned from our local elections that endorsed candidates are not always the best choice for the people.  Sometimes, endorsed candidates are just the best choice for advancing the party leaders’ agendas. 

One of the things being said by the Eddystone establishment this past November was that, ‘You can’t eat an apple from both sides.”  By saying this, these people were saying that leaders could not have both Republican and Democratic ideas and supporters.  Try eating an apple from just one side and you will find that you hit the core very quickly, leaving a feeling of dissatisfaction in your mouth as you ignore the juicy, flavorful fruit on the other side.

The moral of the story:  blindly picking candidates based on party lines and endorsements does not help our community thrive or position it for future growth.

With that in mind, we endorse Dominic Pileggi-R for the 9th District Senate seat.  We also endorse Thaddeus Kirkland-D for the 159th District seat.

In both cases, these men have stood up for Eddystone, supported our efforts, and helped to improve the quality of life for our residents.  Pileggi’s work in the Borough is heard of much more frequently because he is a Republican.  Kirkland’s work is often unrecognized because of his party affiliation.  It should be noted that Kirkland-D is one of the founding endorsers of the Mayor’s WIN Committee.

Endorsing candidates on both sides of the aisle may open us up to the attacks of the few people who think you can only endorse candidates from one party.  These would be the same people who would have you eat only one side of an apple, though.

We tend to like to eat the whole apple.  We think endorsing these men, regardless of their party affiliation, means that we are more concerned about finding leaders who want to help Eddystone thrive, rather than trying to hold onto archaic presumptions that do not promote positive growth in our community.

Eddystone needs leaders who will stand up for what residents believe.  Eddystone needs leaders who think beyond the past establishment and position our community to be a productive, 21st century contributor in this age of technology, just like we were in the 19th and 20th century industrial movement.  Pileggi and Kirkland have done that for Eddystone.

That is enough for us.