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Why I will not be voting for Kerns (or Paul) on Tuesday

When Pennsylvania’s delegates go to the Republican National Convention (RNC) this summer, they can vote for any candidate they wish, regardless of who we vote for on Tuesday.  Furthermore, prior to Tuesday’s primary election, delegates do not need to disclose which candidate he or she intends to vote for come the RNC. 

If you are hoping Ron Paul is our next president, then pick Dale Kerns as your delegate.  If you realize that Representative Paul’s chances of winning the Republican nomination are slightly better than mine, and you want your vote to count, then you might want to select someone else as your delegate.  Kerns’ staunch support of Paul started last summer with the yard signs.  His “for office” page reads like a photocopy of Paul rhetoric.

Here’s my problem with Ron Paul, which in turn creates a problem with Kerns as a delegate.  Paul is an elected member of Congress, yet he spends most of his time on the campaign trail.  This is not his first run for President.  If his ideas were so good, and they represent the desires of his Texan constituents, then he should be pitching them to his Congressional colleagues.  After all, it is Congress that makes the laws of the land, according to the Constitution.  My problem with Paul is that he appears to have other people, who must be power hungry and desiring to be elected or appointed into any position, doing his job while he runs around the country chasing more attention. 

I would like to believe that if Kerns won a delegate seat, the self-proclaimed “Defender of the Constitution” would listen to the voice of “We the people.”  I just don’t trust him to represent me or to do anything that might hurt his chances at getting elected into a future position.  Why do I think this?  Kerns has spent the last three years trying to get elected into something.  Anything.  How many candidates do you know that have a “For Office” page?  Most candidates have a “For Senate” or “For State Representative” or “For Dog Catcher” page. 

Put it another way:  they have a vision.  As far as Kerns goes, all I see in him is desire for personal advancement and a shortage in experience and ability. 

Ron Paul needs to concentrate on doing his job in Congress in the hopes of bringing some of his small government ideas to light.  His disciples need to start thinking for themselves, not parroting the thoughts of others, and stand for something if they hope to get elected into a position. 

Proclaiming to defend the constitution and actually doing it really are not the same thing.