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Where are we going?

Did anyone notice the small Eddystone connection to the Trainer refinery sale in today’s paper?  Governor Corbett helped solidify a deal with Delta Airlines so that the refinery would be sold for $180 million.  By doing so, over 600 direct jobs were saved, and thousands of ancillary jobs were spared.  Literally, thousands of Delaware County families will be able to maintain their economic lifestyles because of Governor Corbett (and the other members of the government) who helped keep the vision of Trainer alive. 

The Eddystone connection, by the way, was the 30 million Governor Corbett took from Camden Iron and gave to Delta Airlines to help solidify the deal.

Now I know the Eddystone establishment (Orr and most of the holdovers from the local government) will tell me that I can’t eat both sides of the apple on this issue.  They will say that I can’t argue about health and environmental concerns with CIM then celebrate a refinery staying open.  To a point, they are correct.  However, the refinery is such a clear example of what those fighting against the Eddystone establishment said that I cannot help but bring it up. 

How many jobs were affected by the closing of the refinery?  Over 650 direct employees lost their jobs and thousands of others had their jobs impacted.  Now, all of those families will be able to sustain a way of life that they have chosen to follow.

How many jobs were lost because Camden Iron moved to Camden?   A big fat goose egg.  0 people lost their jobs.  Do you know why?  Because Camden Iron was not creating any new jobs.  They were simply bringing their people from one place to another.

Which brings me to my point.

What is the establishment’s vision for Eddystone, and where are they leading us?  If you go online right now, there are houses for sale on Saville Avenue for a paltry $26,000.   These prices are ripe for investors, and if this happens, then our home values end up in the toilet.

However, if the community is marketed correctly, these houses are also a steal for first time or ‘getting back on my feet’ homebuyers.  Whether it is a new young family or one that fell on hard times and can’t afford a mortgage for a $100,000+ home, we need stable neighbors moving into these homes.  Imagine a mortgage payment that is less than a new car payment?  That is what is available in our community right now.

We need to market our community to good people and get them buying these homes so that the community can grow.

For as long as I can remember, I have never heard one of the Eddystone establishment leaders talking about how they are going to work to improve, or at least maintain, the quality of life in Eddystone.   What specifically are they doing that will position us for positive growth?

To put it simply:  I don’t think there is a plan.  We are in a car and the drivers are asleep at the wheel.  No one in the town can blame the Council and Mayor if there are no demands placed on the people in charge.  We have to expect better for our community if we want better things to happen.  Trainer has a vision for their town and by remaining committed to it they saved thousands of jobs.

Is it a surprise that Trainer’s housing values are 50% higher while ours are dropping 50% lower?

Poor leaders with no vision drive thriving towns into the toilet.  Why is this true?  Because leaders of other towns have a vision for their community and they do not allow negative growth to happen.  Don’t believe me?  Ask a senior citizen which town was the ‘happening place’ in Delaware County just one generation ago.

The answer is Chester.

Now, leaders in Chester like Pileggi-R, Kirkland-D, Linder-D, and Bulter-R will, or have spent their entire political career simply trying to right the ship in their community.  These leaders cannot even begin to try to undue the distress caused by the small-minded leaders who looked for a quick fix in their community by allowing hazardous and polluting industry to come into their town.  As the industry became more of a hazard, most of the people who could leave, left. 

All that today’s leaders and residents in Chester can do is hope to stop the bleeding then hope that the next generation of leaders can grow on their work.  It will literally take years for the mistakes of one small group of small-minded, short-sighted, ‘big fish in a small pond,’ elected officials who were more concerned about their own personal feelings of importance and power to be corrected.

Where is Eddystone going?  Since Orr and his people have taken over, what have they done to improve the quality of life for all people, and not just their small group of friends, in Eddystone?  Businesses are leaving, houses are vacant, and activities are dwindling.  

Will our children be building on the strong foundation we laid, or will they be trying to stop the bleeding caused by our short-sighted decisions?  

I guess it all depends on who we elect to be our leaders.