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Community Events Reflect Small Town Charm

We are excited to see so many great things planned in our little borough over the next couple of months. To kick things off, there will be a Neighborhood Clean Up day this Saturday, May 19. According to the Friends and Families of Eddystone Facebook page, all volunteers are to meet in front of Lighthouse Hall at 10am. This is a wonderful way to get out and enjoy the weather with neighbors while doing a great thing for the community. Weather for Saturday looks perfect…75 degree and sunny.

Eddystone’s fantastic Recreation Board will host the Annual Memorial Day activities on Sunday, May 26. If it’s anything like the past, the parade will go up Saville Ave a little after 12 noon and end at Borough Hall for a ceremony dedicated to our veterans, past and present. Shortly after the parade, the field at Lighthouse Hall will be open with moon bounces, pony rides, and face painting for the kids. After a day of fun in the sun, the festivities continue at the field at dusk with a fireworks display that never fails to captivate the young and the young at heart.

To round out our list of events is a Community Yard Sale that Councilwoman Thompson mentioned in the last council meeting that she and Councilman Paterson would be planning AND the Eddystone Summer Camp for resident children sometime in June. Stay tuned for more information regarding dates, times, etc.

As a final thought, I would like to thank the Borough for having these activities for the good residents of Eddystone. So many times I see people posting on Facebook about how this town has changed; about how they can’t move out fast enough. Yet these are the same people that never show up for council meetings; the same people who do not volunteer in the community. To quote a friend of mine, “The town may have changed, but so has the world.” We are living in difficult times and they don’t just end at the borders of Eddystone. To quote another friend, “If your table is dusty, do you look at it and say, ‘Huh. My table is dusty.’? Or do you pick up a cloth and wipe it off?” Some of the borough’s problems stem from poor leadership in the past, however, not all of them. Next time you are quick to say how “downhill” things are going in Eddystone, ask yourself what you are doing to help turn things around.