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Tax hike questions and New Jersey train wreck connection: what will Borough Council do this week?

2 key issues coming in 2013 should be up for discussion at this month’s Borough Council Workshop and Council meetings. 

First, the 2013 Budget will likely be approved, although no one knows if it includes a tax hike or not.  Other municipalities seem to put their budget out and give their residents a month or more to review it or make comments.

Eddystone tends to give its residents 6 days. 

So, if you have a comment, you better make it to Monday’s meeting.  Otherwise, the final budget will be adopted at the regular monthly meeting without your input.

The second issue facing Eddystone is directly related to the chemical disaster currently going on in New Jersey.  Communities in New jersey are being evacuated because a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed on a bridge, the second such derailment that has occurred in the last few years at this exact bridge.This connects to Eddystone as a result of Exelon’s announcement earlier this week that the company will be reengineering part of its facility in order to transport, by rail, massive amounts of oil in and out of its facility.  This multi-million dollar project should bring revenue into the Borough, given the permitting and inspections fees it will pay, as well as earned income tax potential.  Given the time between now and the project’s start date, the Borough has plenty of time to properly inspect, or request the inspection of, the facility to ensure we will not be dealing with the issues residents in New jersey are facing.

Monday’s Workshop meeting would be the time to discuss these issues.  7PM  at Borough  Hall.