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November Council Meeting Highlights

Some people may disagree with my assessment of last night’s council meeting but I tend to be an optimist, so here goes…

1.There was the usual bickering back and forth between council members but this time (for the most part) there was a different tone. Dare I say there was a level of respect among some of them? I’m not sure I want to go that far yet. I’m hoping it’s a sign that they are beginning to think for themselves and not being “led” by the one (or two) from the old regime who can’t seem to move forward and let bygones be bygones.

2.A BIG Thank You to Councilman Stewart. He and the rest of the Civil Service Commission have worked diligently since late spring to find top notch police officers to fill the 4 positions that are currently open. It would seem that the list has been narrowed down to about a dozen. According to Mr. Stewart, any one of the candidates from the list will make an outstanding police officer for our borough. The remaining candidates will need to complete a psychological evaluation and a physical before a final interview. Fingers crossed that all of the “red tape” will be cut soon so the residents of Eddystone will have the security of having a fully staffed police department that we deserve.

3.Speaking of cutting through that “red tape”, kudos to Councilwoman Reeves for pushing the point that there is an urgent need for these 4 positions in the Eddystone Police Department to be filled ASAP. “Our residents voted us in and it’s our job to watch out for them.” She made a motion that the officers need to be hired by the end of January, Councilman Paterson seconded it and the motion was passed with a 4-2 vote. (Councilmen Stewart and Patterson and Councilwomen Reeves and Blissick voting yes. Councilwoman Thompson and President Pappas voting no)

4.My next “pat on the back” goes to Councilwoman Blissick. Her vote for expediting the final tests for the police candidates was a vote for the safety of Eddystone’s residents. I felt for sure that she would vote “no”, but she surprised us last night. I may have been wrong about her…but time will tell. (A little advice…Keep the residents first Councilwoman. Not the man in the corner.) Ms. Blissick also put an end to smoking in front of Lighthouse Hall. Thank you for thinking of our children’s health. The smoking ban by the front doors has been long overdue. I also want to thank her and the Recreation Board for hosting a workshop for our senior citizens last Saturday. From what I am hearing, it was a great success with guest speakers from COSA (County Office of Service for the Aging) and Community Transit. Shoprite also provided lunchmeat and rolls.

5.I would like to acknowledge Councilman Paterson’s fortitude last night in what seemed like a tennis match between him and President Pappas at times over signing an agreement from Delaware County Animal Protection Board about taking strays to Chester County’s SPCA.


According to Mr. Paterson, he presented a few alternatives to our council but because of the lack of response, they are now forced to sign off on the agreement from Delco Animal Protection Board because the deadline is so close. If a municipality does not sign the agreement, they are responsible for their own strays. At this time, 47 municipalities are participating and 2 are not. President Pappas wanted to hold off on signing the agreement but Mr. Paterson said there is no reason to hold off. “There is nothing we can do about it now and I much as I don’t like it, we are now forced to sign it.” The council then voted to sign the agreement. As head of the Beautification Committee, Councilman Paterson announced that he and the volunteers of the committee will begin maintaining the landscape and gardens around the Borough Buildings, including the new firehouse. They are supplying the labor at no charge and will purchase the majority of the materials needed through fundraising efforts. Councilman Paterson stated that after looking at what the Borough has spent in the past, this will save the taxpayers at least $10,000 per year.

6.Lastly, Mr. Kevin Begley and Mr. Herb Wright were unanimously appointed to the Civil Service Commission as alternates. Congratulations Gentleman.

The staff here at Erock’s Beat want to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving.