Up to date news on the happenings in Eddystone, PA. For such a small town, there's always BIG drama...inside and outside Borough Council Chambers.

Part 1 of 3: The original report card, complete with accurate nonbiased information

What has Dale Kerns done to show that we should re-elect him during his 3 month audition?
Defend liberty and the constitution?   UMMM….Nope. He sat back and watched a citizen get bullied by the Mayor and President, despite the fact that the Sunshine Law specifically protects the Citizen’s Right to Speak.
Protected Borough Tax Payer Money?  a double NOPE. Thanks to Kerns’ uninformed speaking for 3 months, lawsuits are impending against the Borough for slander and defamation of character.A lawsuit is eminent because of Kerns’ “audit” and “theft” rants.  See the Ridley Town Town Talk for more details.
Tying these first two points together, Kerns would not help a resident speak on Monday but had no problem once again going on his campaign page Tuesday and talking about the same report that mysteriously could not be talked about the night before. He writes, that “Make no mistake about it, an “Audit” was conducted, no matter what fancy name people would like to call it—Rules something or other.” The grammatical errors are his.
So, we are being sued, Council is told not to talk about it, Kerns does not talk in a public meeting, but he goes on Facebook to continue to make the same mistakes that are getting us sued. Hmm…
If you go into a bar and ask for alcohol, is there a difference amongst the drinks you could be served? “Hello, bartender, I would like alcohol.”
There are obvious differences between beer, mixed drinks, and hard liquor.  The same goes for things done in the world of accounting. There are obvious differences in an audit and an agreed upon procedure. Kerns has no experience in accounting. He has no degree in accounting. He obviously has no time to research facts either because, if he would simply “google” the phrase ‘agreed upon procedure,’ he would see that no one is using fancy words. It is an actual process. 
Increase transparency?  A big no.  Kerns did not even communicate with his running mate.  Orr not only received a letter in 2009 about the advances, he also received a memo (that he forgot about) in 2012, AND a second letter from the Delaware County District Attorney's office in December, 2012.  Why didn't Kerns at least talk to Orr about getting the accurate information before he misspoke for three straight months. 
Corrected the mistakes of Council members?   lol…..no. One of Kerns’ biggest complaints of Orr and Council during the last election when he ran unendorsed (now his argument conveniently centers on 2 opponents) was that they did no research to educate themselves.
Dale….seriously….we are being sued because, for 3 months you kept saying the same thing. You kept saying audit.  Not only did you use the wrong vocabulary, you took it one step further and you kept saying people stole money. As recently as 2 days ago, you still said 'audit.'  You just listened to Orr and did that guy's dirty work by attacking people with unfounded lies.  Unfortunately for you, now you have just slandered some good people, embarrassed a few others, made yourself look silly, and cost tax payers what could be a boat load of money.
See, even if the taxpayers win the lawsuits filed against us, we will have to pay a lawyer money to defend us. I have a feeling the lawyer is going to get more than $1500, your yearly stipend. 
And as far as his citizen’s advisory committee goes, it has been stalled for months because the legal issues need to be researched. What has Kerns done each month?  Nothing. He asks, “Where are we on this?” but he has not presented any of his ideas that he has researched. Here’s the thing…..if I have an idea, I don’t just say, “Hey, I have an idea” and leave the work of implementing the idea to someone else. If I have an idea, I first research it, then present it, then continue to research it as I work toward implementing it. Has Kerns done this? No.
Lastly, Kerns wrote: “No matter how small or large, while you are in office, your record as an elected official should be able to be scrutinized.”
I have no issues with Dale wanting to drink alcohol. I don’t even have an issue with his obvious desire to drink until he is drunk beyond the point where self-control seems like a good idea. What I do have an issue with is people being in public office and lacking any self-discipline.
Dale has proven that he has no self-discipline in office (see the lawsuits) and during his recreational time (see the run ins with the law).
To summarize....in 4 months on Council, Kerns has:
0 0. Ideas brought to the table and implemented
1 1  Lawsuits brought upon the Borough, thanks to his words
2 2    Times he has been alleged to be in trouble with the law as a result of his lack of self-discipline..
   3    Upset enough sitting members of Council that they would rather start their own political party rather  than be associated with him.
   4.  Donated about $400 back to the Borough but cost us exponentially more thanks to the lawsuit.
   5.  High fived himself on anything he thinks will help him get elected
Dale Kerns. Good for himself. Not good for Eddystone.