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Patterns of lies light up character flaws that make it impossible for some to lead

It's no longer looking like Orr's team is mis-speaking.  The pattern of lies is now emmerging and becoming clear.  Last night's Orr literature is a prime example of the disrespect this team has for the voters, as again Orr's team thinks the voters can't figure out the truth for themselves.  We are simply going to use one example on Orr's literature as an example of these exaggerations.

To say the work of Reeves and Tatiscoire cost tax payers money is lie.  The agreed upon procedure was requested by the likes of Orr and Danielle Thompson.  No one forced them to do it.  And what did they find?  No missing money and suggestions for changes in the way the borough keeps its records. The funny thing about this conclusion is that Thompson could have simply made a motion to change all of the payroll items without ever having an agreed upon procedure done.  That would have been free.  So to now come back now and blame other people for the cost of exact agreed upon procedure that they requested is hilarious.   Here's what I think:  Thompson ordered the agreed upon procedure, at the prodding of Orr, IN THE HOPES that something bad would be found.  Nothing bad was found, so now blame needs to be deflected onto someone else.

Speaking of tax payer money, how much money has Ralph Orr cost taxpayers by hiring two police chiefs?  In his tenue as mayor, we paid over a half million dollars of wasted salary to people so they can stay home. 

We could go on and on, but really?  What's the point....Kerns himself is all over his political pages saying how he supports the information on the literature.  On Monday night, we were told that the Borough may be sued thanks to Kerns' and Orr's inability to speak truthfully.  This literature is yet another example of the lies these two men put out in the hopes that we the voters won't be able to figure out the truth.  Unfortunately, the rest of their team is so inexperienced with Borough issues because they have not run for office before, or even attended council meetings prior to two months ago, so all they know is what Orr and Kerns tell them. 

I think it is interesting to see the quality of character in Orr and Kerns.  What Orr does not want people to know is that he asked Bill Stewart to run with him.  Orr was livid when Stewart said no.  I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this ugliness, paid for by Ralph Orr's group, is the reason that Bill Stewart decided to start his own political party rather than associate himself with this nasty lying.  It took courage for Bill Stewart to walk away from Orr, just as it would take courage for the other 4 candidates on Orr's ticket to disassociate themselves from the ugliness that everyone knows is rooted in Orr and Kerns' leadership.

And people wonder why we use pen names?  Imagine the ugliness that would be directed at us if we said what we say under our real names.  Look at how many people choose to literally walk away from Orr and Kerns rather than deal with their harrassment.  Has Orr ever had harrassment accusations made against him?  Yes.  What do Kerns' union brothers say about the way he handled himself during one of his many failed attempts at elections?  That he would step on anybody to get himself ahead.

Question of the day:  Kerns says he will donate his borough stipend back to the residents.  I have a feeling a lawsuit is going to cost more than $1500, the annual amount he is paid.  If we are sued for Kerns' uneducated comments, will he pay for it out of his own pocket or will he saddle the tax payers with the bill?