Up to date news on the happenings in Eddystone, PA. For such a small town, there's always BIG drama...inside and outside Borough Council Chambers.

General Election Brings a Turning Point

Congratulations to the members of the RRPOE (Despo Tatisciore, Karen Reeves, Bill Stewart, Beth Gross and Allen Reeves) and also to Bob Donahue, for their success in yesterday's general election. I want to also congratulate all of the write-in candidates (Kelly Ann Butkus, Norm Quinn and Deb Tompkins) for their tremendous efforts in their campaigns. Once again, residents came out in droves to show support for the candidates.
It was overwhelming to see the support for each ticket, but it was also a little sad to see such a great divide in the town. What did this election prove? I mean the results were the same as in the primary back in May. What did the last couple of months accomplish other than pitting residents against each other yet again?
I'm pretty sure we all want the same things...drugs off the streets, our kids to be safe, home prices rise, economic development. The list goes on and on. How can such a small town be divided when we want the same end results?
I don't know the answer but I do know that we can now put this election behind us. The results are in and the people have spoken (again). It's time to put away the pettiness and get down to the business of rebuilding this town...socially and economically. The Council, Council-Elect and new Mayor can only do so much. We, as a community, need to do our part too. Instead of making snarky remarks on social media, maybe try getting to know your neighbors in person. After all, whether life-long residents or new to the neighborhood, we're all Eddystoners.