Up to date news on the happenings in Eddystone, PA. For such a small town, there's always BIG drama...inside and outside Borough Council Chambers.

Red Signs? Green Signs? Old Signs? New Signs?

"Red, Now Green because Red Didn’t Work" is doing what they do best. Instead of trying to sell their platform, like the RRPOE has been doing, they are instead making stuff up and manipulating words in order to try to instill fear in voters.

Hey, Red/Green organizer (i.e. Thompson)…..Stop manufacturing drama to cloud the voice of the voters.
Just to clear up some of the silliness coming from Thompson and her friends:

• Recreation is not going away, regardless of who is elected. Stop trying to evoke fear in people.

• No one took credit for SNAP. All the credit goes to a resident. People also need to wake up and realize that the program was able to move forward smoothly because no roadblocks were put in its way.

• Danielle Thompson is still on the recreation board. She was not kicked off. Look at the minutes of their meetings to see if she attended. No more tears for her are needed.

• The chief of leave still has 800+ hours of unaccounted accrued leave time that the RRPOE wants to know about.
(Oops….did I throw that one in again?) Why would I want my town to be led by people who stir up drama, create total fabrications of reality, and evoke fear in others just to allow their friends to accrue tens of thousands of unaccounted dollars in benefits.

What has “Red, now Green Because the Red Thing Didn’t Work”, done for you lately?
Ask the same question of the RRPOE. One group keeps mud-slinging. Red did that in the spring and now green is taking up where red failed.

On the other side, the RRPOE just keeps moving along and doing things for the town. The RRPOE, in just 4 months, got a fully staffed police department, reinstated the Youth Aid Panel, tried to bring back the bike patrol, and have a single stream recycling program up and ready to begin in January. They have also created an environment that allows for everyone to feel like he or she can share their ideas. That’s what leaders do. They lead by example, get things done, and create an environment where everyone, not just the clique of their friends, can participate.

Most people see what Thompson’s play is here. She thought the red thing would fool residents in the spring. It didn’t. So, now she is trying to scare residents with the green thing.

I am casting 6 votes tomorrow: Allen Reeves Jr. for Mayor, Despo Tatasciore for 2 yr Council, Karen Reeves, Beth Gross, and William Stewart for Council. I am also writing in Kelly Ann Butkus for 4 year Council.

We don’t need drama. We need leaders. And the RRPOE have shown that they can lead.